Our changing transport landscape

By Simon Bailey, Senior Consultant - Transport and Networks Technical Innovation is talked about in almost every area of life. The advancements have been exponential over the past two years, leading to many opportunities to improve our lives, but also highlighting where we have been slow to move forward. One of those areas is data … Continue reading Our changing transport landscape

Immerse Yourself in a World of Information

With ongoing developments in Augmented Reality (AR), a more immersive medium to interact with address data has opened up. Thanks to the release of the cult game “Pokémon GO” back in the Summer of 2016, AR technology was brought to the masses and did something wonderful – it transcended generation gaps making both children, parents and grandparents aware of this medium, its capabilities and fundamentally got them using it as a location based platform. A platform that enables you to interact with and query features right in front of you, there and then in-situ, in real-time when it is needed most – a powerful capability.